Spring clean your iPhone home screen

Spring clean your iPhone home screen

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Could your iPhone home screen use some spring cleaning? 

Having an organized home screen will help you maneuver through your phone faster and more efficiently, giving you access to what you need instantly and boosting the productivity of your most commonly used device.

If you’re anything like me, I used to have apps on about 5 different screens all jumbled around, and I would constantly swipe between them trying to find the one I wanted.

Having a disorganized phone might not seem like a time waster, however a recent study from Flurry shows that Americans are now spending on average 2 hours and 42 minutes a day on their mobile devices. That’s a whole lot of time! And their chart on the above shows that a majority of this time is spent using apps.

When you consider that about 17% of your waking hours are spent on your phone, it makes sense to try and use it as efficiently as possible. The few seconds it takes to find an app, or switch between them can start to add up.

The quickest and easiest way to clean up the jumble of disorganized apps is to create and use folders to categorize your apptivities (see what I did there? :) )

One reason categorizing your apps is important, is because as another recent study shows, there are just a few main categories for which we typically use our cell phones.

Take a few minutes to consider why you typically open your cell phone. Is it to surf the web? Listen to music? Take photos? You likely have multiple apps for each of these categories that can be dropped into one folder for easy access.

As an example, below is a breakdown of how I’ve organized my iPhone home screen for optimal access. It might only save seconds each time I open my phone, but with as much time as I spend on my phone- being just two taps away from the app I need  can really add up.

I set up my main screen so that it houses all the categories and apps I access multiple times on a daily basis. As you can see some of my main categories are:

  • Social media
  • Music
  • Productivity apps (to-do lists and project managers)
  • Photography

Since I have multiple apps that fall under these categories, I’ve created folders to easily organize and house them.

Surrounding these are the other main apps I use that I’ve not categorized, and the other main screens (not shown) house other not as commonly used categories and apps.


Another nice aspect about creating folders is that you can name them whatever you want. This is helpful in case the apps don’t stylistically make sense together, but instead make sense for how you use them. As an example maybe you’d like all the apps you use daily (for instance banking, Facebook, Spotify, Voxer) in one spot, you can just name that folder ‘Daily Apps’ and it doesn’t matter that they aren’t naturally related.

Whether you are or aren’t currently using folders, try these steps below to making your home screen as efficient as possible:

1. Decide which categories of apps you use most

2. Take a look at the apps you have which fall into those categories

3. Drag one app on top of another to create a folder and name it whatever you like

4. Add in the rest of category apps

5. Rearrange your home screen to contain only the folders and apps you use on a daily basis

Extra tip: If you have tons of apps, even when you keep them organized it can still take a couple flips and clicks to get to the right area- you can always swipe down and search for the app as well.

Hope this helps get your home screen in tip-top shape so you can maneuver around your phone in record time.

Do you utilize the folders in iPhones? If you’re an Android or Windows user, is there an optimal way you organize your phone? Would love to hear any additional tips or tricks!


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