Let’s talk podcasts.

Let’s talk podcasts.

Hi guys!

Today I’d like to chat about podcasts. They’ve become something of an obsession of mine in the past year, as integral to my daily routine as coffee (IF you can believe that).

In my zealous passion and sharing for podcasts I’ve encountered a lot of quizzical looks and blank stares from friends and realize that before I bombard them with a list of my favorite shows, we need to start with the basics.

So before I get into what I’m currently listening to and why you should too, let’s briefly go over the the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of podcasting:
(if you’re like, ‘Victoria, duh, I know this stuff’- then skip these next two sections you podcasting diva!)

“What even is a Podcast?” (ps. should I be capitalizing ‘Podcast’ like I have? I don’t even know…)

A Podcast is basically an audio show of separate episodes. You how when you’re driving and you’re listening to a great radio show and you’re like “geez I wish these people just had a show I could subscribe to and on a regular basis my phone would happily alert me of new episodes..AND I could go back and listen to ones I may have missed”…then you desperately need podcasting in your life.

There are SO many topics to choose from when it comes to podcasting, so no matter what you’re into there is definitely a podcast out there for you. I personally listen to a mix (as you’ll see below) of productivity podcasts (surprise, surprise, right!?), comedy shows, inspirational interviews and fun informational shows.

Shows are also in various formats- there are solo host podcasts (just one person talking the whole time), interview style podcasts, radio ‘show’ type podcasts, basically anything you can audibly record can be turned into a podcast. They also vary greatly in length- some episodes are just a few minutes and some are a couple hours. So no matter how much time you have- there’s always something you can pick up.

“How do I listen to a Podcast?”:

I’m just going to go into how I personally listen to a podcast, because I am not a technical guru and I’m not super familiar with other non-apple platforms. That said, I found a bunch of articles online about how to listen to them on various platforms (herehere, and here!) so please shoot over to any of those if you do not want to use iTunes for whatever reason (weirdo). (I kid!)

Podcast app on your iPhone:

To search, subscribe and listen I use the Podcast app on my phone. It’s a purple icon that comes with your phone, you probably shoved it somewhere in the depths of your home screens wondering what in the world it was (like I did). Well pull it back up and put it front and center on your home screen!

Once you have it open, you can either search for specific podcasts in the search section or browse podcasts in the ‘featured’ or ‘top charts’ sections. Once you find one you like, just click the ‘subscribe’ button and they will show up in your feed! Hit the ‘My Podcasts’ section to see all the ones you currently subscribe to, and once you click on them individually you can select a specific episode. That’s it!

“Why should I be listening to podcasts?”:

Because I said so. 😉

But really there are a lot of ways podcasts can enrich your life and yes, even make you more productive!

1. They educate you. Do you want to be a better cook? Learn more about how cars work? Understand new sales or productivity techniques? Online marketing tips for small businesses? Podcasts can teach you!

2. They’re a super productive way to spend down time. There are so many prime places to listen to podcasts: long commutes (I WISH I understand podcasts when I was commuting 2 hours a day…), while walking or running, doing chores around the house, waiting in line for the new iPhone..

3. They introduce you to people, topics and life perspective you might not otherwise know. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve learned and been exposed to through podcasting. So many books, ideas, apps, concepts…etc. It’s like having a conversation with someone new every day.

4. They give you great conversation topics. I feel like I have so much more to talk about since listening to podcasts, especially since I listen to so many different types and topics. Anything that surprises my friends and makes me (at least sound) super cultured is gold in my opinion.

5. They’re free! We are so lucky to live in a time where we have so much quality and free content to enjoy. Take advantage of it!

“When should I listen to Podcasts?”:

Whenever you want!

As I mentioned in #2 above, they are great for ‘down time’ or chunks of time when you can’t do anything else. I think driving in the car, or on public transit are the great places to listen. I personally listen pretty much every morning while going on my morning walk with some coffee. I also listen while doing chores around the house or if I’m doing some extensive cooking in the kitchen. Just be sure: you CAN find time to listen. If you think you can’t, email me your schedule and I will  show you where you can fit it in.

OK if you don’t already listen to podcasts…have I convinced you!? If you’ve never tried them- please give it a go! I promise you won’t be disappointed (well, I guess that depends which ones you pick…but that’s on you hun!). There’s something for everyone!

If you’re interested in a peak into what I currently subscribe to and are maybe looking for some suggestions on where to start- check out my list below!


I don’t have a ton that I subscribe to because I’m super weird about having too many items in any of my feeds…I get really overwhelmed. Instead I try to keep it simple and only keep shows I’m actively listening to on a regular basis. Here’s a quick overview of each show on my list:

“Achieve your Goals” with Hal Elrod: This is the guy who wrote ‘The Miracle Morning’ which is a book I HIGHLY recommend. I actually subscribed to his show after reading it and love it. It’s full of lots of productivity tips, inspirational interviews and personal growth and development concepts.

“The JV Club” with Janet Varney: I LOVE this show. It isn’t one that ‘teaches’ per se although I would argue it educates you on lots of different life perspectives and introduces you to great actors and artists you may have not heard of before. She interviews fellow actors or people in the ‘biz’ with a focus on their childhood/high school years which is FANTASTIC. I’m obsessed with hearing about peoples experiences growing up so it’s super interesting. Plus she always plays the ‘MASH’ game at the end which is too perfect.

“The 5AM Miracle” with Jeff Sanders: To be honest I can’t remember how I found this one…but am so happy I did! I think I’ve listened to all the episodes, he has a ton of great productivity and personal development tips and techniques. I also really enjoy that he focuses on how to increase your energy throughout the day so you can get more done. The new episode shows up first thing every Monday morning which is the BEST way to start the week in my opinion.

“Elise Gets Crafty” with Elise Blaha Cripe: I’ve been reading Elise’s blog for quite a while and she actually started this podcast around the time I started listening to podcasts so I was super excited about it. She covers a lot of goal oriented topics, small business and creative business topics and also has some great interviews with other creatives.

“The Lively Show” with Jess Lively: This is in general a very inspirational and fantastic podcast, Jess interviews a ton of great people and focuses on how each person is living their life intentionally (helping others to live a life with intention is her work and the focus of her blog & podcast). The people she brings on cover a huge variety of topics from work and business to general lifestyle and interests.

“After the Jump” with Grace Bonney: This podcast actually just ended (at least for now) but there are still around 100 episodes to go back through. In general the topics are business related with a focus on creative companies and the challenges and new opportunities facing each of these in this fast paced online world we live in.

“The Joy the Baker Podcast” with Tracy Shutterbean: I’ll be honest, I haven’t started this one yet! It’s the newest on my list…but I heard really great things and have listened to her interviews on other podcasts.

“NPR TED Radio Hour”A classic. I love TED talks and have always enjoyed how this show ties a couple into an overarching theme or topic.

“This American Life”Another classic. I love that I can refer back to a bunch of old episodes I’ve missed on NPR.

“Radio Lab”: Can you tell I love NPR? This one is DEFINITELY great for giving you weird and awesome conversation topics over dinner.

“SERIAL”: Duh. Even non-podcasters have heard about this one. Who’s ready for season 2!?

“The One you Feed”: SUCH a great podcast. It’s typically interview style and always starts with the parable of the two wolves, which somehow still kind of chokes me up every time? I’m clearly just an emotional basket case. Anyway, this is such a great introspective podcast and always gives me some sort of ‘a-ha’ moment about myself. A+

Well what about you all? Do you already listen to podcasts? If so PLEASE SHARE YOUR FAVORITES! I’m clearly an addict and love hearing about what others are listening to so I can binge listen and add them to my list. Do you already listen to any of the ones on my list? Are you going to give any a shot after reading my super in depth and awesome descriptions?

Peace + Podcasts,


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  1. Deb March 10, 2015 at 10:53 pm

    I have just recently started listening to podcasts, and one of my favorites is The Productivity Show by Asian Efficiency. I am interested in checking out some of the ones you listed here as well.

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