So what’s Project Productivity all about?


It sounds so fancy! But really this is just a little space for me to contain, document, share and discuss the various musings I have on living a productive life. To me that doesn’t mean just checking things off a list or being as efficient as possible (although anyone who knows me would agree these things make me ridiculously happy!), but it’s about productively living…looking at life through a lens of curiosity and learning…testing out what works, taking in information and playing with it to see what makes sense in real day to day living.

A while back I took the ‘Strengths Finder‘ and received ‘Input’ as my second strength. At first I had know idea what it meant and I think the first time I took it I glossed over this strength completely. But the second time I dove into what it really means and realized how whole-heartedly it describes what I love to do. I thoroughly enjoy taking in and collecting information, from all parts of life. I love categorizing it in my brain and saving it for later, playing around with how to fit all the bits together. This, plus receiving ‘Learner’ as one of my other top 5 strengths, and it just became very obvious to me to embrace that I’m someone who will forever be consuming information.

Which is why I wanted to create a space to ‘input’ all this information…to store it outside my brain, to hold myself accountable for retaining the nuggets of info that are worth remembering, to make sense of it all, to apply it to changing my life and living more productively… and to share all of this! Because it’s all great in my head, but I think the real magic happens when you put this information back out there and discuss it with others.

So I hope something here helps you on your path to learning and living…or at the very least that you find something interesting :) Please share your thoughts!

Peace & Productivity,